Quantity   Component name
1 × Raspberry Pi Model 3B Linux SoC. Runs our balance controller and other Bobble-Bot software
2 × Tacon 96M608 BLDC motors Brushless DC motors that drive the wheels
2 × Chupacabra BLDC motor driver Closed loop control of BLDC motors
2 × AS5047D Position Sensor Measures motor position
1 × CAN I/O Shield Raspberry Pi shield for CAN bus communications
1 × ADXL-345 Accelerometer Helps measure tilt angle
1 × ITG-3200 Gyroscope Measures tilt rate and turning rate
1 × Turnigy 5000 mAh 14.8V Li-Po Provides two hours continuous operation
1 × Power Distribution Board Regulates power for motor and logic circuits