Robot Racing Club

Robot Racing Club aims to provide the easiest and the most accessible to build racing robot to inspire the new generation of engineers

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The goal of Robot Racing Club is to teach how to build a racing robot and in process teach how to think like an engineer and inspire the new generation of engineers.

The main challenge for everyone joining the Club is to build a robot. The base robot is designed to be built from cheap and accessible components (like RaspberryPi Zero W) as the brain of the robot) to lower the barrier of entry as much possible. The base robot will be simple and it should be treated as a platform to improve.

When the robot is done, it's time for racing! Each person or team can take part in the race and see how their robot stacks up against other robots. The race is intended to be a fun exercise but it also provides feedback and shows where the robots can be improved.
  • 1 × RaspberryPi Zero W

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Conrad Gray wrote 04/15/2019 at 20:48 point

The project is still in the initial stages but it is progressing quickly. Please follow to be notified of the progress!

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