PCB review

A project log for RPNCalc

A calculator which uses RPN instead of infix notation

raphael.treccanichinelliraphael.treccanichinelli 05/08/2019 at 20:340 Comments

The PCBs arrived, I've uploaded photos to the project page. They arrived in a small parcel lined with bubble wrap, with the 5 boards held together with an elastic band. they were well protected and I cant see them easily being damaged in transit.

The quality of the solder mask and silkscreen was better than expected, with most every detail retained. The only silkscreen issue was the point of an exclamation mark, which i expected to be cut out and wasn't shocked by.  The major issue i took with PCBWay is that they dont calculate your price VAT inclusive, and indeed, they dont pay VAT or import tax. In retrospect, this makes some sense, but it was dissapointing to be handed an URGENT letter from DHL requesting $18 in taxes, plus an $11 fee on DHLs part to handle the tax payment. this reduced the economy of the boards, but in larger quantities and with foreward knowledge of the situation, I imagine it can be avoided. It does feel like a kick in the teeth though. I have assembled a single board, and have discovered some hardware issues, luckily all of them easy enough to remedy.