Version 4 Ordered

A project log for PewPew M4

A PewPew with a display.

de∫hipude∫hipu 08/18/2019 at 22:500 Comments

I just made the final fixes for the next version: moved the "z" button closer to the "o" and "x" buttons, made contacts and cutout for the piezo speaker (and a resistor for it), added a footprint for a voltage regulator. I also increased the sizes for the button holes so they should be easier to fit now, and moved the display minimally further from the edge, to make sure the flex tape doesn't stick out. Oh, and made a cutout for the USB port in the top plate, as it's slightly thicker than 2.5mm, and I don't feel like filling it down to size. Also added labels for tx/rx pins on the back, and made the screw holes in the inner plate smaller, so they will also be caught by the screws — to compensate for the thinner top plater.

I specified the top plate to be 1mm thick, we will see if they follow the instructions.

Everything else remains pretty much as it was.