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A project log for Grinder Minder

Bench Grinders are everywhere. So are fingers. May the two never meet. That's where grinder minder comes in.

Scott SwaaleyScott Swaaley 07/29/2019 at 17:480 Comments

Now that we were moving towards a 3-phase product .... we needed the ability to test 3-phase. First problem was a 3-phase source of power. The Lab and The Shop are just a spare bedroom and the garage of my house and we have a 100A 240V service so we started hunting around.

After learning more than I ever wanted to know about phase converters, I found one that was reasonably affordable and bought it. A few notes in case you ever need to buy one:

We also needed a motor to use. We haggled and picked up a small 3-phase motor from a local surplus.

Here are our new babies: