A project log for High-low tech: WATCH, GPS & PAGER

Want to ditch your smartphone but not its useful features ? 3 simple devices to use technology in a meaningful way //

Antoine PintoutAntoine Pintout 05/22/2019 at 13:510 Comments

An important element of my project is to develop very durable and resilient devices. Openness and minimalism are two of the main design features allowing these goals.

By opening the sources of my project, the three objects become reproducible and easy to repair. By simplifying its electronics and using affordable and well documented chips or modules, the repairability is even greater. These choices will influence the design of non-electronic parts as they also need to be durable and reproducible. The choice of material and its drawings will also be fondamental in order to convey durability and resilience.

As a consequence of these choices their experiences will also be very different from what we are used to:
The time-keeping device will not give you exact time. It gives an absolute sense of the passing of time by vibrating every 5 or 30 minutes.
The navigating device will not instruct you to go left or right. It will indicate the general direction of your destination, so that you can decide which path to take.
The communication device will not transmit text or voice. It will send small melodic messages.
A great attention will be given to senses and each device will provide specific sensorial stimuli: vibrations for touch, visual cues for sight and sound for hearing. 
Each device resilient and independent from any global network or corporation. Finally, by being low-power, each device is freed from high level depedency from battery capacity. 

Next time, I'll detail the functionality of each device.

Until next time,
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