Added Schematics, Wiring Diagram, Components

A project log for BlueCubeMod: Bluetooth GameCube Controller Mod Kit

Convert your GameCube controller to Bluetooth for playing on the Switch, emulators and more

NathanReevesNathanReeves 04/18/2019 at 23:081 Comment

I added the current working version of the schematics. I've been testing these designs with no issues. I also added a parts list, here's a link to the project on the Mouser website where I get my parts:

Parts come in at $15.52 not including the battery

Here's a rough wiring diagram to give you an idea of how the mod works

The final battery is actually 700mah. With the current hardware I estimate a 6 hour playtime but haven't timed it irl. I currently can play a couple hours/day for 3-4 days before needing a charge.

Coming soon:

I'm making some final adjustments to the board shape so expect to see the PCB files soon. I get my boards from OSHPark, the design has been no problem to manufacture.

Stay tuned for when I release my code and my plans for manufacturing and distribution...


ashwin.venkat wrote 05/11/2019 at 05:04 point

Thank you so much, awesome project.

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