Build log 4

A project log for A Modular and Ambidextrous Humanoid Robotic hand

A fully 3d printable, modular, ambidextrous, and powerful robot arm made from readily available and affordable components.

Gray EldritchGray Eldritch 08/25/2019 at 00:370 Comments

The forearm is complete! Mk3 is finished! The wrist features a full 180 degree rotation, and attaches to the hand in my previous log. The hand remains it's own independent unit, with or without the forearm. So the hand may also be used on its own. But the forearm houses an arduino uno board and buck converter, making the arm a completely self contained device. the wrist uses one additional standard sized servo. Completely modular design, the hand can be removed and swapped by removing one m8 bolt.