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DIY ESP32 camera board with OLED display, RGB LEDs, SD card & light sensor

miroslav-zuzelkaMiroslav Zuzelka 04/19/2019 at 14:090 Comments

This project is part of infrastructure or service, which we are trying to build and maintain at Fablab Brno for for our members.  Because we are developing access system for our Prusa printers, based on Fabman service, we also want to enable possibility to see, what is happening on our printers, for our members. We installed Octoprint with webcams on out printers and it worked well, until plugin which we used became popular and service start to be paid. This, and also fact that nobody maintain RPis with Octoprint, let me to look for some other options for this service. In mean time, I did found this YT video about  ESP32 & OV7670 camera, but had no time to try it. But I was already thinking about ESP32 replacing whole RPi setup. 

So some time ago, I did find this small board which I liked because of SD card and also this this one, which I liked because of OLED screen. Because one of board lack some features of the second one, and vice versa, I decide that I will make our own design.