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DIY ESP32 camera board with OLED display, RGB LEDs, SD card & light sensor

miroslav-zuzelkaMiroslav Zuzelka 04/19/2019 at 15:180 Comments

Ok, so what features should board like this have? 

My main concern was, if I will find enough resources to put all parts together. I already designed some parts on another boards (SD card, UART, RGB leds) but camera & OLED circuits was unknown for me. Big recourse for all of my boards is Adafruit library with all of their great boards and because of that, I found their OLED brakeout board. So basically i just copied schematic for OLED display, change it to use just I2C, and that was all. Also SparkFun have very nice library of boards, so I used their design for light sensor.   

Biggest problem was with connection of the camera. I found some schematics on Google and I made my connections based on them and just when I finished my routing of the board, I did find schematic for SeedStudio board also for M5Stack board, but I decided to keep my setup and did not change my routing. 

This is how my board looks like:

Here are screenshots from Manufacturing tab in Eagle: 

Here is 3D visualisation from Fusion 360:

Board is ready for production :-) .