Project report updated

A project log for 3D printed prosthesis with CV, BCI and EMG

An affordable 3D printed prosthesis using computer vision to track and choose grip patterns for the user. Support BCI and EMG as well.

Nguyễn Phương DuyNguyễn Phương Duy 09/23/2019 at 18:470 Comments

The project is my capstone project for my undergraduate study, and I have logged the final report to this project directory.

Within the report you will see all the respective researches I have used, as well as all the things you need to know before viewing the project. I have also included all the schematics and software designs within the report.

The report offers complete study on the brain-computer interface used within the scope of this project, as well as the mechanical design and how it evolves throughout this project. There will also parts that give you more in-depth information regarding the EMG schematic, EMG design; and the computer vision system.