Wrapping bottles in aluminium foil

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CadmiumCadmium 04/28/2019 at 11:320 Comments

After cleaning the bottles and removing the labels, we have to wrap them in aluminium foil ...840 times...

First we have to cut 840 sheets of foil. We decided to use aluminium foil with a width of 30cm, which is enough to wrap the foil about 1.4 times around the bottle. If you use foil with a larger width, you will waste a lot of foil or, more important, you have to make two cuts instead of one for every sheet.

We identified that the lenght of each sheet should be around 23cm. Because we do not have to mess with tight tolerances, it is possible to use a very simple tool to cut several sheets at once.

The idea is to wrap several layers of aluminium foil around a core with a perimeter of 23cm and cut all layers at once.

To realize this idea we used two pices of MDF with a thickness of 3mm and a height of 109mm. The width of the MDF parts should be at least the width of the aluminium foil. We used pices with a width 450mm.

First, join the two pices by making a hinge with some kind of tape on the long edge of the pices.

Then, add some kind of spacer inside the tool. We used thin wire which was taped to one MDF part.


To produce the sheets, place the aluminium coil on a roller. We used a plastic box and a pice of tube. Clamp the start of the coil with the tool (this is the reason for using two times 3mm MDF with a hinge instead of a single 6mm MDF pice). Now you can start to wind the aluminium foil around the tool.

After several windings (up to 15 are really good feasible) cut the aluminium foil.

Voila! Several sheets with a lenght of nearly 23cm at once. Use the foil to wrap the bottles and secure the wrapped foil with some kind of adhesive tape (not shown in the pictures).

We learned that one cutting-person can easily supply the aluminium sheets for two wrapping-persons just in time.