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huge Modular LED Display made from empty soda bottles

CadmiumCadmium 07/21/2019 at 07:390 Comments

After working hard for two month, we got the display working for the first time. The mechanical part was tedious but easy done.

The electronic part was a bit complicated. We ran into problems with the control of the pixels, because we used WS2812 from different suppliers. We used LEDs on white PCBs and LEDs on black PCBs. It seems that there is a issue with the timing, we found out that we are not the only ones which ran into trouble with using the two types of LEDs together: (section testing and debugging). We fixed the problem by using only the WS2812 mounted on white PCBs.

The power supply is not finished, for the moment we are using four ATX power supplies.

Also the mechanical structure is not finished. For now we attached the single boxes to a wooden structure with cable ties:

So, the display is not finished but to watch the working display it is very impressive if you stand in front of it.

A short video clip will follow.