WiFi constant current led driver

Up to 48v | 5x3.5A, WEB UI ESP32 LED Driver

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This driver is designed to control embedded LEDs (COB), such as CITIZEN CLU, CREE CXA, NICHIA NFCWJ108B and others, with direct voltage up to 36-45 volts.
The version has 5 independent channels 20KHz pwm,
FAN control and external NTC sensor.

1. Battery-powered real-time clock.
2. More powerful processor with WiFi and Bluetooth support.
The dimming frequency is increased by 20 kHz with 11 bits of steps and can be increased to 40 - 60kHz by reducing the bit step.
3. Output for connecting a 12-volt fan with automatic control.
4. Port with 3 GPIO for the ability to connect external buttons or peripherals.

Firmware Features:
- VUE JS Web interface
- OTA Firmware update
- Smooth change in brightness by points (for aquarium lighting)
- Fan PID control
- MQTT integration
- Synchronization between devices on the same network

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