Hello again! 

Spine consists of 2 6 Degrees of Freedom Sensors and 2 9 Degrees of freedom sensors. This is then positioned identical to a compass allowing the 2 9DoFs to align themselves as North and South respectively meanwhile the 2x 6DoFs can act as the East and West points. I have put a very simplified image as the main image for this project as I am currently working out the PCB and calculations for losses or what not.

Currently, the sensors are 'locally' connected using I2C with address unique resistors assigning each points in the said 3D space. This will then be connected to the 'North' board which then later translate it to differential I2C piped through a 1m Ethernet cable which is then connected to the 3+Pi board which translates it back to I2C. 

Now there are sooooo many things to consider so this project might end up being a failure, some of these issues include power loss, accuracy, lag and many others that might even need the 3+Pi board requiring a new MCU revision to handle this. Thus it's still in research phase as of April 2019.

Hopefully, if I can get the concept worked out fine, I will release the designs for everyone to use regardless of requiring the 3+Pi :) Consider this my micro donation to the engineering community. I request that you show/tell me what you are using it for for this purpose. 

Thanks for reading, I'll get into working on this board as quick as possible working things out.