PATA to SATA Schematic

A project log for VAIO Palmtop PC mSATA SSD upgrade

In the quest for upgrades and 'future proofing' I will attempt to squish an mSATA SSD into a Vaio palmtop where nature never intended.

NFMNFM 05/26/2019 at 05:020 Comments

I've been recently working on the schematic for the PATA to SATA adapter. (PATA on the left, SATA on the right).
It seems to be all sorted now, pending the small corrections I inevitably find later (hopefully before I spin the boards...)
I went a bit wild on the decoupling, just because, and at the bottom center-ish you'll see J3, this will be a solder jumper that can enable spread spectrum to reduce EMI if it doesn't affect performance too much (Benchmarks to see what happens later).

I also made a small revision to the flat-flex cable, I just moved that rogue connection to pin 40 up to pin 37 where it matches up as the indicator activity led as I thought.
I also tweaked the equal length traces to neaten them up a little too.