Measurement of light output

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The worklight for hacker events

Jan--HenrikJan--Henrik 04/24/2019 at 11:010 Comments

With a luxmeter I measured the light output of Enlightened Otter at a color temperature 3500 K and 6500 K, the resulting brightnesses are 1600 lx and 2000 lx. I'm quite happy with that, for comparison, recommended minimum brightness desk lighting is 800 lx.

I used the values to create the following specification table:

Iout (per channel)0-500mA
Vout (per channel)0-18.5V
Pout (per channel)0-7.5W
Illuminance (3500k @400mA)1600lx
Illuminance (6500k @400mA)2000lx
Vin (USB)4.8-14V
Iin (USB)3A (max)
Ibat (max)5A
Boost frequency500kHz
Iripple (@2.5kHz)<0.5mA