Almost 2 years on V2 reference

A project log for Precision Voltage and Current Reference

A little something to check your digital multimeter accuracy occasionally.

bud-bennettBud Bennett 05/20/2024 at 23:210 Comments

It's been almost 20 months since the last measurement of the V2 reference. Here's the data:

Temperature = 62F (~16.7C), HighZ input, 100plc

Reading                                 Scale             Other                                   Error             Drift (Since last test)

99.98991mV                          100mV           Null, Avg 20 samples         ~-10.1uV            -2.15uV

1.0000764V                           1V                  Avg 20 samples                 +76uV               -6.4uV 

10.00000V                            10V                 Avg 20 samples                  <5uV                  -70uV

Can't complain about these results. They aren't indicative of any error or drift in either instrument.

The DVM soaked for a bit more than 1 hr before I took the measurements.