Another Rotary phone Conversion (ARC)

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The "ARC" the phone you never knew you wanted. Now you can take your "home" phone where ever you want.
Never miss a call again! Easy to carry only weighs 1.5kg. Stylish classic looks with rotary action number dial. You will be the envy of all your friends.
Limited stock, so get yours now! Included is a 4Gb memory card for storing speed dial numbers. Usb powered.

Phone had a "Telecall" name on the front. Not the usual phone dial as each number has an individual wire and a common wire connected to a rotary slider inside (will post pictures soon).
The red finger stop is a switch that connects when dialing a number. The dial also had a stop that stopped the dial from returning if the handset is off the hook, which I removed. Was probably a controller phone for a switchboard.

STM32 Blue Pill for brains and a Sim800l module for mobile connection. Uses d.i.y. SD card reader to store fast dial numbers. Tone library for ring. Will post details soon.

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