High Humidity Sensors

A project log for Bee hive health monitor

This project will monitor the weight changes in the hive along with some environmental items to provide real time indicators of hive health

sparks.ronsparks.ron 07/27/2020 at 17:040 Comments

I do not want to double post so the link below will point you to the relevant text for this topic. The TL;DR is that the DHT21 type sensors will not reliably work outside in any place that regularly sees relative humidity above 60%. That makes it a poor choice for the inside of a warm bee hive.

The SHT21 from Sensirion and the HDC1080 from TI seem to be good value sensors that have successfully passed our testing at humidities in the 95-99% range.

See the full description at:

Environment Monitor Station Log - Humidity Sensors