Prototyping the tube circuitry

A project log for Vacuum tube single digit calculator

Forget that newfangled silicon. Hollow state is king!

castvee8castvee8 04/25/2019 at 17:590 Comments

This type of circuitry allows me to make use of a 1970s style prototyping system called Lab-volt Modular.

These sets were state of the art in the day and often used in schools for teaching electronics. I have a MASSIVE amount of these systems as I held on to them over the years and even added on a bit from Ebay and other sources.

There are two circuits built here using the tubes as flip flops. The power supply on the back supplies B+ voltage as well as bias and filament voltages.

I used toggle switches as input simulators. Once a switch id flipped it remains on until reset regardless of the toggle switches state.