USB to UART Serial Bridge

Cheap low pin count crystal-less USB Serial Bridge

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The PIC16F1454 is a great alternative to common USB to UART serial bridges out there.Pros:- Less than $2- No Crystal needed- Small pin-count, 14 Pin DIP / 14 Pin SOIC / 14 Pin SSOP / 16 Pin QFN- Through-hole option- Small size, QFN 4x4mm- CustomisableCons:- My firmware uses the OS's default CDC drivers (Microchips VID PID)- Not pre-programmed, need a programmer- I haven't added TX/RX status LED pins yet, but easily added- Although the firmware works well and I haven't come across any issues yet, it hasn't been rigorously tested, and may not be as reliable as known brands. Example firmware on my github.

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