SHOKI Mobile Robot Platform

Your first open hardware ROS2 enabled human size mobile robot platform. Affordable, easy to customize, 3D-printable robot!

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SHOKI aims to be your personal robot pal cruising around your home, waiting to assist you with anything you need!

Key Features:
* ROS 2 Crystal Clemmys full support.
* Powerful differential drive.
* LIDAR sensor for mapping and navigation.
* Power torso - extend up to 120cm in height.
* 3-DOF head equipped with LCD monitor and RGB-D camera.
* NVIDIA Jetson on-board computer.
* Directional microphone array, 6-axis IMU and drop sensors.
* Docking station and "auto home" mode on low power.
* Fully 3d-printable on a standard Creality Ender 3(220*220*250mm build surface)

SHOKI can be integrated with a variety of other products, for examples:
* Mobile Manipulator - integrate with an existing robot arm(Dexter, BCN3D MOVEO, Thor...).
* Personal Assistance - integrate with Alexa or Google Assistant.

BACKGROUND: This project is actually the incarnation of old home robot called SHOKI(R.I.P). Old SHOKI was made using laser-cutted MDF plates and equipped with powerful diff-drive drive train using VEXPro parts, on-board RPi running ROS Kinetic nodes which published the output of multiple sensors that you can see in the such as RPILIDAR a1 laser sensor, 6-DOF IMU, Orbbec Astra 3d camera. sadly old SHOKI rotten last winter(MDF might not have been the best choice... haha) so I decided to break it apart, save the sensors / electronics / mechanical parts and rebuild it, this time in pure 3d-printable PLA / ABS! In the picture bellow: screenshot taken from RViz of old SHOKI mapping my apartment.

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phunghoabk wrote 06/12/2020 at 05:43 point

Hi friends, do you publish your code on github? thank you for your sharing

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