​Moving forward! some quick updates regrading the driving sub system...

A project log for SHOKI Mobile Robot Platform

Your first open hardware ROS2 enabled human size mobile robot platform. Affordable, easy to customize, 3D-printable robot!

Omri Ben-bassatOmri Ben-bassat 05/29/2019 at 14:570 Comments

1. Gearbox - started designing and testing the gearbox for SHOKI. It is based on VEXPro Mini CIM motors, gears, bearings and shafts (taken from old SHOKI) with total of 1:11 gear reduction. With this setup the robot should be able to drive at approx 1 m/s. In the following picture you can see one of my recent prototype prints:

2. Wheel Encoder - got these cheap 600p/r 2 phase incremental rotary encoders and shaft couplers from AliExpress. Worked perfect for me when tested with Arduino Mega:


Source code: