The new controller board

A project log for Upgrade Budget Laser Cutter

I have a laser cutter from China, similar to the K40 (50W 4060) it works out of the box but the software stack and UX needs work.

JoeJoe 04/25/2019 at 11:480 Comments

I have been looking around for a replacement board for the motion and laser control. There are lots of boards to choose from, including some that can be swapped out directly but i like the look of the board by Bart from buildlog.net

The manufacturer of the laser cutter has made some interesting choices for the motor and limit switch connectors (12 pin FFC) so I have decided to make my own board based on the schematic at the link above with some modifications for my case.

When I was researching parts, I realised that everything was available as pre-made modules which will save me a lot of time and hassle soldering smd parts. It will also let me assemble to circuit on a breadboard and get it working very quickly.