• Knife to meet you!

    Øystein04/25/2019 at 11:25 0 comments

    So I wanted to expand my fusion 360 skills and aluminum machining expertise. I do some stage fighting and I thought a stage fighting knife would be cool to make.

    Made a fusion 360 cad model and rendered a test to see how it would look. I used a custom environment to place the background. I started with machining and place the aluminum stock in a pocket in an extra sacrificial layer on top of the normal one.

    The to extra holes are there because this was a scrap piece of aluminium they had laying a round at the makerspace bitraf where I made it.

    The reason it is in a pocket is the same reason that there are plastic plugs in the aluminum stock. To make sure that the position is a exactly known so that it can be milled on both sides.

    I used tabs to make sure that the knife could be milled on both sides.

    The finished blade without any finishing. I finished it on a circular sander and a sander sponge.

    Making the handles where very straight forwards.

    After some sanding this was the finished result. Not exactly a museum piece but it serves it's purpose. I found out a lot about how I could make it better and planing to maybe make another one.