You are on a variation of my communicator/pager main project. I wanted to create a super small lora communicator to send and receive short messages. 

After numerous iterations in the last 2 years, I made this small hybrid device: a LORA pager + a true 2G GSM phone, with the possibility to create a gateway between the 2 worlds.  

  • The microcontroler is an ESP32 DEV BORD with a battery/charging area.
  • The GSM module is a SIM800L
  • The LORA module is a RFM95 chip (433 , 868, 910 Mhz possible)
  • The microphone is a small electret mic

The display is an IPS SPI 240x240 Color TFT with high resolution.

You also have a buzzer to warn you when a call or a message is arrived

You also have a Joystick to compose your messages or navigate through the menus.

Everythong is ARDUINO IDE compatible.