A Useless Trophy

The Trophy for the MacroFab Design Contest: Useless Machine Sponsored by Mouser Electronics

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Welcome to the MacroFab “Useless Machine” Challenge, sponsored by Mouser Electronics. The contest is all about creating the most useless machine – we want to see some amazing useless machines and for you to document it all. Include lessons learned during experimentation, design challenges, and more. You need to build something that is completely useless to society. How you design, power it, and program (or not) it is entirely up to you. More information can be found on the MacroFab Blog ( This project is the work log for the Useless Trophy that will be given to the MacroFab Engineering Podcast Favorite entry.

  • Displays the current time and weather on Mars.
  • What you should wear according to the weather and environment if you where going outside on Mars.
  • Raspberry Pi driven Platform
  • Heavy Duty Enclosure
  • Adafruit Screen with Touch capabilities
  • Mars Weather API

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