Firmware 1.04 and Configurator 0.6.5 released

A project log for BitsyLED

A minimal firmware and configurator to drive RGB LED's

AndyAndy 09/15/2019 at 06:350 Comments

Latest updates from the BitsyLED development efforts - After not having time for a couple months for this project, I finally could catch up on some lingering issues and released a new firmware and configurator.

This release ensures that the firmware and configurator is wired for the 1.2.1 boards by default (was still in 1.1 mode). Also I made some improvements on the serial communication interface and added some safety when writing the data into the EEPROM. This should fix the issues around locking up for a while. Tested it with about 50 writes to 1.2.1 board and it didn't lock up or was unstable.

Get it now on Github at