eAgrar - digital agriculture

System for monitoring conditions of plants and weather conditions at agricultural fields

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eAgrar is system for monitoring conditions of plants and weather conditions at agricultural fields.

It is based on wireless sensor network (LoRa communication).
Sensor devices are "plug-and-play" devices. They are battery powered (more than 1 year on same battery) and have long range communication (up to 10km from gateway). Device is based on ATmega328 microprocessor and have sensors for measuring air temperature, air humidity, pressure, soil moisture and leaf moisture.
Sensor devices send data to multichannel gateway which forward them to database.

All data are displayed at our dashboard through widgets, graphs and tables.

Climate change has a severe effect on agricultural production, leading to lower productivity. Farmers have big problems with diseases on their fields due to climate and weather shocks and lack of information from fields. As result of that crops are more sensitive and vulnerable. Farmers must use a lot of pesticides and other chemical agents to stop the development of the disease. That pollutes the environment.

With more information from fields, farmers can predict appearance of disease and prevently treat their plants. That will help them to reduce costs, reduce damages on plants, increase quality of crops and increase yields. Using chemical agents on clever way, in smaller quantities, will enable to customers get healthier food.

I'm developing this system for 18 months. All parts of system are developed from zero. 

This is second version of sensor device. It is based on ATmega328 microprocessor. It has LoRa module for communication and RTC (Real Time Clock) which is used as wakeup alarm of device. This version of device has possibility to connect up to 4 sensors

Device is powered from 3.7V Li-Ion battery and can be powered from same battery more than 1 year. There is also possibility to use 5V boost converter for powering 5V sensors.

Production of PCBs is made by @JLCPCB-OFFCIAL ( They have great option to take 10 prototype boards for just 2$! Check that! I'm really satisfied with quality of board. Pads and vias are solid and high quality even at high temperatures. They didn't rusted even in realistic conditions

I have developed system for controlling devices in LoRa wireless sensor network. So even that device is not connected to Internet all time, I'm able to change sleep time, communication parameters and other parameters remotely, without reprogramming device.

Dashboard is on Croatian language for now. It offers widgets for last measurements, graph for displaying temperature and another graph for displaying all other moisture measurements. Also, there is data table with all data shown from beginning of device life. There is calendar which have possibility to be diary of activities (leaving notes).

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JPEG Image - 75.73 kB - 04/29/2019 at 11:14


  • 1 × PCB board (JLCPCB production)
  • 1 × ATmega328 microprocessor
  • 1 × RTC (Real Time Clock)
  • 1 × RFM95W LoRa module
  • 1 × 3.7V Li-Ion battery

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The digital revolution continues to transform agriculture.

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