New firmware release R2.2

A project log for LM80C Color Computer

A Z80 homebrew computer with 32KB SRAM & 32KB ROM, TMS9918A VDP (video) and AY-3-8910 PSG (audio)

Leonardo MilianiLeonardo Miliani 09/20/2019 at 16:290 Comments

After a while, I'm back. Today I introduce you the new firmware release R2.2, that fixes a bug I've discoreved into the code of the SCREEN command: when the user changed the graphic mode, the cursor was set on even if in non direct mode (i.e. while running a program).

Another change is the introduction of the new command PAUSE. Its usage is very easy: just specify a delay in 100ths of a second and the system will stop executing everything and wait for the requested interval. Useful to introduce delays in the execution of a program instead of FOR..NEXT loops or to get precise (more or less...) intervals.