Interfacing with an external keyboard

A project log for LM80C Color Computer

A Z80 homebrew computer with 32KB SRAM & 32KB ROM, TMS9918A VDP (video) and AY-3-8910 PSG (audio)

Leonardo MilianiLeonardo Miliani 12/08/2019 at 17:480 Comments

Typing on a C16 keyboard and getting input on my LM80C… Today I’ve also implemented the SHIFT key, so that now I can input a program directly in a stand-alone configuration without the need of a remote PC anymore. At the moment the SHIFT key is the only special key that is implemented, because I needed to input chars like double quotes, parentheses, and other chars. The next control key to be implemented will be the… CTRL. And then the C= that will be used as an ALT key, to get graphic chars.