CHECK MATE, a chess game

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Leonardo MilianiLeonardo Miliani 04/08/2020 at 16:240 Comments

Together with the new R3.5 firmware, I just published a new BASIC game, “Check mate

Check mate, a chess game

As you can intend by the name, it’s a chess game. It’s a port of an old program published as “chess program” by Dieter Steinwender in the ’80s. It’s a game that uses the “minmax” algorithm, based on the theory of decisional trees. The fundamentals of the minmax algorithm is to “minimize the possible loss in the worst case and to maximize the minimum gain” (from Wikipedia). At the first level of depth the algorithm isn’t very efficient but, since the depth level analisys raises, the AI of the game will get a boost, at the cost of an incredible increase of computational time! This is the downside of this kind of algorithms on 8-bit machines…

BTW, the game has been ported to get fully advantages of the colorful abilities of LM80C Color Computer. Moreover, keeping the whole stuff of the original program, “Check mate” let the user sets a custom board to simulate a particular in-game situation, exchanges computer with player, suggests legal moves. Enjoy it!

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