Node.js module for Open Thermal Camera

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Opensource, inexpensive, mobile thermal camera for use in electronics, home inspection, non-contact thermometer, heat distribution and more.

Erik KokaljErik Kokalj 09/21/2019 at 20:010 Comments

We have created a Node.js module (otc) that supports all available interface calls. On top of that, a demo cross-platform desktop app is in the making! Electron uses node.js' runtime therefore we used the mentioned module to create a simple cross-platform app. It was tested with WIn10 and RPI3 (Raspberrian). OTC is connected to the computer/RPI with a USB 3.1 Type C Female To USB 3.0 Male Connector. The electron app is already available on github.

In the future we are planning to create a module for Python as well, which will support all interface calls.

Next stop: People counter!

Electron demo app run on RPI. On the image there's me, with a hand on my head.