Project Log 12b: Version 4, neater & easier to construct

A project log for The Digi-Gurdy and Digi[Nerdy]Gurdy

MIDI electronic portable practice hurdy-gurdy: It's always in tune.

XenonJohnXenonJohn 03/06/2020 at 22:180 Comments

Version 4

- Many software improvements based on suggestions from Nigel Eaton, David Jacobs and others.

- Have sorted out a reasonable set of tuning options. Startup menu gives you 6 tuning options. Trying to offer a reasonable selection for the more experienced, but not an overwhelming set of options for the beginner either. Select one and it will then show you how to set up the FluidSynth app on your phone so it all works correctly and sounds as it should. The software does not "know" how you have set up the phone app so this is the easiest way to set both up so they work with each other.

- Many changes to the 3D prints so the whole thing holds itself together just using the 4 long screws at each end.

- Alloy channel now runs the full length of the device, enclosing the larger gearmotor crank mechanism.

- Using white laser cut acrylic panels rather than plywood.

- White USB cable.

- Going for an aluminium and white plastic effect, rather like an *pple product.

- 6th tuning option allows you to set it up as a Tenor gurdy.

These are all shown in the video below. Please note in the video below I am demonstrating them on a LEFT-handed version i.e. back to front !

To come.......

I am awaiting imminent arrival of some printed circuit boards onto which the microswitches will be soldered directly. This will eliminate most of the internal wiring and simplify the build further.