Project Log #15 Version 5 finally built using the PCB's

A project log for The Digi-Gurdy and Digi[Nerdy]Gurdy

MIDI electronic portable practice hurdy-gurdy: It's always in tune.

XenonJohnXenonJohn 05/19/2020 at 17:440 Comments

Have been involved in a ventilator project but finally got around to making a few of the V5 DigiGurdy's which have a custom PCB inside onto which everything connects. Also has the unpluggable Teensy 3.5 on the front under a white 3D printed cover. I have made 2 videos describing everything about this version, see below. All white / aluminium and now using white laser cut acrylic for the front and rear surfaces. I have made 7 so far.

DigiGurdy Jenga.

This is 15min long but explains just about everything. The screen flicker on the display is due to my GoPro camera, it does not flicker in real life !