Log #6: Fully Assembled With Crank Module

A project log for The Digi-Gurdy

MIDI based electronic portable practice hurdy-gurdy.

XenonJohnXenonJohn 08/19/2019 at 20:560 Comments

Here is the DigiGurdy coming together at last, with the crank simulator module attached. This video clip gives an overview of the functions of the device from the point of view of a user and also shows how you select and play songs in demonstration mode. I will add a more detailed video at some point showing you how to get the soundfont onto your phone and set it up to play the sounds correctly with the current version of the DigiGurdy. In this update video you can see:

- Crank operated drones and open melody string.

- Crank operated buzzing sound (sound audio file supplied by Nigel Eaton, many thanks).

- More realistic key-click sounds

when the keys are pressed.

- Use of a control knob to adjust the sensitivity of this buzzing rhythm sound when cranking to suit your own style of playing.

- Blue orb on front panel which glows when turning the crank.

- Demonstration of the crank-override switch which allows you to practice the melody without need to turn the crank.

- Demonstration mode is shown being used with user-selection of songs and playback speed.

The whole assembly is held together with just 4 long screws at each end. Almost no adhesives are required apart from where the screen is held in position.