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AleksejsAleksejs 05/14/2019 at 07:100 Comments

After hacking my board (after i make mistake with footprint It's soldering time... Part 3. Final step.) I started testing and modifying software writed by @oakkar7 (GitHub link) for my needs.

At firs time I get almost all needed information from SFP module.

This are: TX and RX power, temperature, voltage, transceiver wavelength, active link status.

On the right upper corner located 100Mbp/s media converter (D-link DMS-920R) with TX 1310nm/ RX 1550nm. It's connected to the SFP, located on my device board. SFP with TX 1550nm/ RX 1310nm.

Display currently shows information readed from SFP DDM interface (on this photo I didn't indicate SFP module wavelength).

LED (on the left side) indicate SFP receiver status.