2 Ch LED Driver with Remote Monitoring

An embedded project: 2 Channel LED Driver with Temperature, Humidity, Gas/Smoke, Ambient Light Monitoring implemented in an Arduino platform

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This is the full online documentation of my "2 Channel Smart LED Driver with remote monitoring" project. The project is intended for applications that require temperature and humidity monitoring with data logging, smoke/gas detection with SMS capability, and an LED PWM driver to adjust the LED brightness according to user specification.Specific applications include (but not limited to):

1. Mobile smart farming stations that require artificial sunlight
2. Home/Room monitoring with LED mood lighting.

Part1 Video - Specs, Features, Initial Project Plan - here:
Part2 Video - Power Section, Input Protection, Simulation Demo - here:


For a span of 3 months, my project/task is to create/add more features to a simple LED driver. At first, you might think that a three-month timeline seems too long for this project, but having the available time only on weekends and weekday evenings could really drag the project out.

Initially, this project was meant to be used in mirror lighting applications... you know, those lights installed around the edge of a girl's mirror, because apparently, their room lights aren't enough to illuminate their painted faces while doing their "thing", or their "artwork". However, I usually find these things in the women's parlor and it uses 110V/220V lamps with some having just the basic ON/OFF function. So I got an idea...



Why this project?

The main reason I'm doing this project is because someone made me do it. I didn't like the idea of using AC lamps so I thought I might use 12V led strips instead. They're smaller, can easily be installed since you can stick them directly on the mirror, they are robust and can be upgraded easily by extending or adding more strips. Additionally, I already have a 12V SMPS power supply intended to drive these things, which are also readily available in almost any electronics shop. However, a simple LED driving circuit feels boring to me, so I thought about adding features that would make the device more versatile.

Lately I've heard about projects related to smart farming and in a distant future, I was thinking of making a somewhat related project that focuses on artificial lighting.. but I didn't know that that would be this project. I thought that I can just turn this simple LED driver project into something that is applicable also to artificial lighting.

The LED mirror lights and the artificial lights that also uses LED in smart farming applications basically do the same thing. They turn ON/OFF the LED with brightness adjustment. The difference lies on the feedback wherein artificial lighting takes into account the ambient light and also has a target value for illuminance. On the other hand, the brightness control of the LED mirror lights simply depend on manual adjustments from the user.

Given this intended dual application of the device, I'll opt to use some modules to enhance the feature set that caters to both scenarios and even wider range of scenarios. This will be discussed in the succeeding paragraphs.

Intended Application:

Initial intended application:

  1. Home lighting (mirror lights)
  2. Temperature, humidity, ambient light, smoke/gas monitoring with data logging
  3. Mobile/mini smart farming stations

Intended Features:

Since this is part of the initial planning, some of these features might not appear in the actual implementation. Each individual feature will be explored as I continue working on this project but for now, here's what I would want to have in this device:

  1. LED Drive, 12V, up to 10A total in 2-channels with current monitoring
  2. Temperature Sensing
  3. Humidity Sensing
  4. Gas detection
  5. LCD status display
  6. (SMS capability)* --> WiFi/Internet access capability
  7. Data logging
  8. Ambient light sensing
  9. Overcurrent/Overvoltage supply protection

***UPDATE*** - Changed the #6 feature from SMS to WiFi due to problems I encountered in my...

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Board Fabrication FIle

Adobe Portable Document Format - 247.42 kB - 06/05/2019 at 07:36



Schematic v1.0

Adobe Portable Document Format - 210.75 kB - 06/05/2019 at 07:36


  • Documentation Logs

    Mark Angelo Tarvina05/08/2019 at 13:11 0 comments

    04-28-2019 --> Created Part 1 - Specs, Features, Initial Project Plan

    05-07-2019 --> Added link for the Youtube Video discussing part 1

    05-13-2019 --> Added part 2 discussing the input protection feature of the power section

    05-14-2019 --> Added 2 part tutorial series for basic circuit protection schemes, under part 2 documentation, for reference, for those who doesn't have a background knowledge about the concept.

    05-20-2019 --> Added link for the Youtube Video discussing part 2

    05-25-2019 --> Updated the feature set: changed SMS feature to WiFi due to problems with the SIM800EVB board module. Circuit components have already been ordered :)

    06-05-2019 --> Added part 3 and part 4 of documentation. Added full schematic pdf file as well as board fabrication file in pdf.

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