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A project log for 2 Ch LED Driver with Remote Monitoring

An embedded project: 2 Channel LED Driver with Temperature, Humidity, Gas/Smoke, Ambient Light Monitoring implemented in an Arduino platform

Mark Angelo TarvinaMark Angelo Tarvina 05/08/2019 at 13:110 Comments

04-28-2019 --> Created Part 1 - Specs, Features, Initial Project Plan

05-07-2019 --> Added link for the Youtube Video discussing part 1

05-13-2019 --> Added part 2 discussing the input protection feature of the power section

05-14-2019 --> Added 2 part tutorial series for basic circuit protection schemes, under part 2 documentation, for reference, for those who doesn't have a background knowledge about the concept.

05-20-2019 --> Added link for the Youtube Video discussing part 2

05-25-2019 --> Updated the feature set: changed SMS feature to WiFi due to problems with the SIM800EVB board module. Circuit components have already been ordered :)

06-05-2019 --> Added part 3 and part 4 of documentation. Added full schematic pdf file as well as board fabrication file in pdf.