A friend of a friend who is a friend thru that friend, same friend, third friend over .. has a roommate who steals shaving cream and soap. Using what minor skills made available to me, like angst, we (me) quickly assembled a very alarming retort.


The culprit was caught .. tho immediately unlikely excuses were levied.

The experience did then highlight some changes one might make .. such as:

1. A power diminutive MCU for a timer, denoting and when and how long the device was active.

2. Wider toggle lever (printed add-on) to reduce accidental wobble activation.

A wish list would include a wifi-module (power?!) for signaling the event and a diminutive camera to document such thievery. An even more ideal scenario - had time been permitted - a faux can with removed intestines permitting the entire cache of parts to be housed with in.