Utilising inexpensive wireless modules and open source software to form networks over long distances using AX25 and IP networking in the unlicensed ISM bands, without reliance on a centralized service provider.

This is ideal for:

  • Privacy minded individuals
  • People living under oppressive governments
  • Remote communities
  • Natural Disaster areas
  • Testing low bandwidth applications eg, COAP ROHC

LoRa radios allow us to reach much further distances than standard Wifi but at heavily reduced data rates. The small amount of data can still provide us with chat and other basic text services.


  • AX25 and TCP/IP networking
  • Highly Extensible, add your own servers for whatever you like (bandwidth permitting)
  • IRC over LoRa radios to chat over long distances with encrypted messaging.
  • Versatile Connection methods, use as a separate modem or all in one device with a single board computer.
  • Fetch News, RSS feeds, Wikipedia Summaries from Clients with Internet Connection.
  • Internet Gateway. Provide internet to other devices.
  • Solar Powered nodes
  • Versatile connection methods allow people of all skill levels to participate. Can’t solder? Just hook it up with breadboard wires
  • Low cost, under $USD10 per modem