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    Things used in this project

    Hardware Components

    Software apps and online services

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    Setup Jetson Nano

    Please refer to Unboxing of Jetson Nano & Quick Start-Up of Two Vision Demos to set up your Jetson Nano.

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    Access Jetson Nano

    Generally, when the Jetson Nano starts, it will get an IP address automatically. You can get this address in your router's setting page.

    Open Putty, and fill Jetson's address to Host Name's text box, then click Open.

    When this window shows up, type the user name and password to it, then press Enter.

    If you see the cursor disappear in Putty window, congratulations, you access to Jetson Nano's bash already.

    Putty is usually used to execute commands in Linux systems, if you want to exchange files with it, you may need WinSCP.

    Open WinSCP, the first thing you need to do is Login. As same as Putty, you need to fill Host name, User name and Password, and then click Login.

    After logged in, you will see the files in Jetson Nano list in the sub-window on the right.