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A project log for HTML5 Retro Adventure Game Engine

A Side project where I try and build a scriptable retro adventure game engine in the browser.

voxnullavoxnulla 07/19/2019 at 13:390 Comments

Having been busy with other (paid) projects, I did not have much time tinkering with the adventure engine for some time. I did experiment with the <canvas> some more and that yielded some interesting results.

But in the meanwhile, I thought perhaps putting this out there is the right thing to do at this point in time. So here you have it !

Adventure Engine Version 0.1b

If you want to look at something, press the L key and to pick something up, press the P key. If you get stuck, you can move the character around with the arrow keys.

There are some test functions available like the filter mode, fades and testing a part of the scripting functions.

Nothing is obfuscated and you can download all the files with any extraction tool to have a go at it yourself. Apart from the "borrowed" graphic asset, all material/code is to be considered under the MIT license (version 2.0).

If anybody wants a zip file, let me know.