Lil hank, handy keyboard

six-key board for prev,play,next, mute,volDown,volUp

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What do you do with a six key tester from aliExpress? You turn it into the most extra board around! Powered by an Arduino pro-micro clone and 6 different keys-switches, variety is the name of the game. The board itself simply outputs F7 - F12 and I use Karabiner - on Mac and AutoHotKey - on Windows to output the media keys.
  • 1 × Arduino Pro Micro A clone will do, it simply needs USB support with the Arduino Keyboard Library
  • 1 × Key Tester Or just a small keyswitch plate with keys. You can, obviously alter the code for as many switches as you want.
  • 1 × Solder, small gauge wire etc.

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H wrote 06/02/2019 at 00:53 point

The resin/epoxy base is really well done.

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