Quantity   Component name
2 × ESP32 VROOM Module An ESP32 microcontroller that has both bluetooth and wifi capabilities as well as several GPIO pins.
32 × 10K 0402 Resistor Pulldown resistors to decrease pressure sensor sensitivity (to approximate user's foot pressure and movement)
2 × 3.7/4.2V LiPo Battery A battery to power the ESP32 chip
2 × 1x18 Male Pin Header Connector A male pin connector array used to connect the Missions PCB to the Flexible PCB Insole.
2 × MPU6050 6-Axis Accelerometer/Gyroscope An accelerometer/gyroscope module to track the user's foot position and orientation.
2 × Haptic Motor Driver (DRV2605L) The controller used to power and drive the vibration motor.
2 × Vibration Motor Used to elicit vibrations to give the user feedback on movement.
2 × Flexible PCB Includes 16 resistive pressure sensors on each insole.
2 × USB to Serial Converter (CP2104 USB/UART Bridge) Used to convert incoming microUSB signals to Serial to enable a user to either update or charge their Missions PCB.
2 × LiPo Charge Controller (MCP73831/2) A controller used to charge the 3.7/4.2V Lithium Polymer battery through microUSB.