Got Auto-loader Electronics Installed

A project log for Anti Drone Gun Turret

Armed with a Nerf blaster. This turret tracks and shoots down micro drones, otherwise know as "Tiny Whoops"

Drew PilcherDrew Pilcher 05/27/2019 at 02:020 Comments

With the auto-loader tested, all that was left to do was install the extra electronics in the control box.

I took the whole thing apart, drilled and tapped new holes, then re-assembled everything and re-routed the wires. Came out decently clean, despite being hacked in as an afterthought.

The system is pretty simple.

I used an M12 cable and some heat-shrink butt splice connectors to connect the nerf gun to the control box. These connectors are great, they're waterproof, and the can be installed with just a lighter!