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A project log for Details of pick and place machine build.

Just want to share the experience of building pick and place machine.

TeemoTeemo 05/03/2019 at 09:100 Comments

Hello all.

Quite lot of work already done on the project within about two months. This includes ordering the parts assembling the frame multiple times and doing a lot of research on the topic. Currently the machine is already capable of picking 1206 resistors from taped to the base strip feeders and placing them with correct rotation to the board at the right place. However this soluition is not enough  for me. The work continues on making the better pick and place head and also on feeder design.

I have a reference PCB board that I am building the machine for. As a summary this board current version needs:

8mm tape feeders 11pcs.

12mm tape feeders 4 pcs.

16mm tape feeders 16 pcs.

+ some loose part box feeders