Second build

A project log for Robot spider w/ 9g Servos

I built a robot spider using 16 9g Servos. It is controlled by an XBox One Controller via Bluetooth.

Max-Felix MüllerMax-Felix Müller 05/03/2019 at 20:200 Comments

Going to 9g servos was a neccessary step to avoid brownouts. However it required a complete redesing of all the parts, since I couldn't just scale them. So I decided to go ahead and also make them less complex. Instead simple shapes will now be glued together to get the desired part.

I printed each part multiple times. On the first ones I did some stress tests and tried different methods of glueing them together. I figured that super glue worked best for me. Later on I did one final print of all the parts and glued them all together using smal clamps to hold them while the glue was setting.