This is a PMOD built around the SX1257 transceiver. The SX1257 has both an analog RF front-end and digital I and Q modulator/demodulator that operates at 860-1000 MHz.

The PMOD has an I2C-SPI bridge (SC18IS602B) since only 8 io pins are available on a PMOD connector.

Rev A and B had a power routing issue that was fixed in RevC. Hopefully this will be the final revision.

RevC also has a footprint for an SI514 I2C-programmable oscillator.

Initial bringup has been done and I have verified that the SX1257 works both in rx and tx mode. Built a simple receiver that just streams the raw data to a PC. Downsampling is needed because the samples are sigma-delta modulated.

TX has also been tested and that works. However I have not measured the actual transmission power and seen if the matching network is correct or not. This still has to be done.

Example FPGA gateware will be published at some point, what I have today is pretty hacky.